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Welcome to Embrave’s Storefront!

Products inspired by the strength and bravery of survivors. All sales support Embrave’s emergency shelters for survivors of gender-based violence and their children.

Embrave: Agency to End Violence

Embrave Brave. Inspire Bravery.

Welcome to Embrave’s Digital Storefront! 

We are excited to share our incredible product line designed by amazing artists and based on the stories and lived experience of survivors of gender-based violence in our community. 

Embrave Agency to End Violence is an anti-violence organization providing shelter, counselling and advocacy supports for women, Two-Spirit, genderqueer, trans and non-binary folks and their children experiencing any form of violence in the Region of Peel and beyond. We provide supports and services to survivors with or without children.

Our name and our identity are an embodiment of who we are, our values and what we do. We are brave, bold, fierce and confident: unafraid to face challenges head-on and advocate for change. We Embrace Brave. We Inspire Bravery.

This work is important for our community. Violence touches us all. We are Embrave!

Our storefront is a new endeavour that will establish a new, stable revenue stream in support of our work to provide shelter, counselling, and advocacy for survivors of GBV. It will also give us a new and innovative approach to raising awareness about the occurence and impact of gender-based violence in sharing messages and designs that centre our Integrated Feminist Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression values and frameworks. 

We amplify the voices of survivors and celebrate what they are able to overcome; we educate the public; and we inspire systemic change through our work with individuals while taking action and collaborating with other organizations in the community. We are excited for our storefront to be another avenue for us to do this important work.